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Semi-aniline leather belongs to the category of smooth leathers on which the hair side of the hide is the outer surface of the upholstery cover. The surface of this type of leather does not undergo any mechanical treatment. Among the smooth leathers, semi-aniline leather is a good compromise between the very soft but also very sensitive pure aniline leather and fully pigmented or covered leather which, although very robust and easy to loom after, is relatively stiff and cold.

Semi-AnilinSemi-Anilin Closeup

Close-up of a semi-aniline leather showing its pores.


Dyeing semi-aniline leather

In exactly the same way as pure aniline leather semi-aniline leathers are first soaked in soluble dyes in a dye bath.

This process is known as barrel dyeing. Semi-aniline leathers are then given a further thin coating oy dye on the surface, partially closing the skin pores.

The pores are still easy to see under a magnifying glass. The hide's original grain pattern with any wrinkles or injuries is not concealed but well protected by the additional coating of dye.

The transitions between semi-aniline leather and fully pigmented leather, on which the additional coating of dye is far more pronounced, are fluid.

At all events, semi-aniline leather should have a pleasantly soft feel and also easily warm up to the temperature of human skin.


Material for covering upholstered furniture

Semi-aniline leathers also lend themselves as an upholstery leather for families with children where the leather is subject to greater wear and tear. The leather is relatively easy to look after, does not stain easily and is not affected by moisture. They also retain much of the exclusive quality and prestigious style of pure aniline leather.

Semi-aniline leathers are also used for covering car seats as well as for garment, such as leather jackets and fashion accessories, like leather bags or leather belts.

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