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These pages are just right for anyone as passionate about leather as we are.

Don't you also think that leather feels simply wonderful, so soft and supple? With it beings so beautifully soft and sensuous. high-quality pure aniline makes you want to touch it all the time. And that typical smell of leather!

Leather is made from a piece of nature. That's something you can see, feel and smell. Not a material "off the roll", but unique and individual, just as the animal whose hide it was created from. Tanning, i.e. the preservation of animal hides, is a craft with a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Even though the production methods have changed over the course of time, leather has lost nothing of its fascination.

No other upholstery material is as closely connected with nature and as natural. And to speak in contemporary terms: leather is a sustainable material: a waste product from the food industry is used to make a wonderful, versatile and value material.

If you would like to discover more about leather, its historical background or the different types of leather, go to the top of the page and click "About leather" in the various sections. We don't want to "go hell for leather" so much, but we do feel sure that lovers of leather will enjoy getting immersed into a good read.

And because we love leather so much and want it to provide lasting pleasure, we have risen to meet the challenges of professional leather cleaning and care. For the agreeable properties and qualities of leather will only be maintained with regular and, above all, the right care.

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