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Like all natural materials, wood also requires effective cleaning and care with appropriate products to prevent dirt and environmental factors from damaging the wood’s special properties and to keep your furniture looking clean and well cared-for.

The basic rule is that the more natural the finish on the wood, the more natural the cleaning and care regime has to be.
Our SILVAPUR® wood care products are therefore formulated exactly to meet the needs of this particular material.

Care tips for wooden furniture


Natural wood furniture is very popular and shows off the natural grain of the wood to best effect. Regular cleaning and care will help preserve the beauty of a piece of furniture for a long time.

We recommend using the SILVAPUR® wood care set for oil/waxed wood finishes. The SILVAPUR® wood cleaner removes superficial dirt and household dust. The SILVAPUR® care lotion is ideal for freshening up and caring for the surface of the wood and also helps renew the wood protection.


To protect the wood, the surface of the furniture is usually coated with a clear varnish which allows the lovely wood to show through. The varnish makes the wooden furniture resistant to water and other liquids. But even so, it’s important to act immediately if spills occur. It’s best to remove liquids, splashes of grease or other stains straight away as otherwise they may react adversely with the varnished surface and leave an unsightly mark.

For regular care we recommend the SILVAPUR® wood care lotion for lacquered wooden surfaces.

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